Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

The team at Consilia Legal provide work place mediation services throughout the whole of the UK, and regionally in Leeds, Harrogate and throughout West and North Yorkshire.

Our director Marie Walsh is a fully trained workplace mediator.  

As an employment law solicitor and mediator, Marie has a wealth of experience assisting parties inside and alongside the work place mediation setting.

We are able to provide a mediator to intervene in work place disputes and assist in avoiding litigation.

Mediation provides an alternative approach to other workplace dispute resolution processes, such as grievance procedures and may be preferable to implementing this procedure or litigation to both the employer and employee.

This could be due to a number of reasons but mainly because it is, less adversarial, flexible, Less formal, voluntary, less costly and confidential

One of the main reasons mediation is attractive is that it is confidential to the parties. The content of a mediation cannot be used in future legal proceedings without agreement from both parties.

This enables the parties to be more forthright at an early stage of dispute and feel able to speak openly in an attempt to fully discuss and resolve issues.

Used in the right context the result of a mediation may sometimes be the termination of the employment relationship but may equally be the maintenance of an ongoing and amicable employment relationship.

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