Disciplinary and grievance procedures

We are able to provide clear disciplinary and grievance procedures if you require them which will make you  fully compliant with your legal obligations when conducting proceedings internally

The team can advise you on how to conduct the proceedings and provide guidance as to the content and style of any investigation and associated reports.

Alongside this the team can provide you with all relevant correspondence templates which they will work alongside you to tailor as and when any matters arise.

These documents can be retained by you and will provide the best records of any issues that you could keep alongside a good evidential trail in the event that any matters proceed to litigation in the employment tribunal.

We also work alongside a number of HR professionals who can come in to your business and provide on the ground help with the actual conduct of proceedings should you require it.

If you require any assistance with the conduct of any disciplinary or grievance proceedings please contact the team on 0113 3229222


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