Managing sickness absences

We can assist you in the management of long and short terms sickness absences.

We provide an individual approach to each set of circumstances as we appreciate that particularly when a member of your team is ill a sensitive approach is required.

We work with you to explore all options and look at a number of factors in each case such as:-

  • What policies you have in place to deal with sickness absence
  • What you usual practices are
  • What you want the outcome to be
  • How we can assist or accommodate the affected employee
  • Establishing if absence is disability related.
  • Assessing and limiting risk to your business

We take a holistic approach to management of sickness absences. We can help and assist with obtaining the necessary consents in relation to medical evidence to ensure data protection compliance

We assist with the drafting of letters and ensuring compliance with legal requirements and processes.

We also act as an independent sounding board providing commercial advice with a human touch.

If you require any help or assistance managing an ongoing sickness absence please contact the team on 0113 3229222


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