Settlement Agreements Case Study 2

Following a reduction in workload, we were instructed by a local SME to draft settlement agreements for 4 employees who had successfully applied for voluntary redundancy under which they would receive a generous enhanced exit package. The Company was faced with the difficult decision following a downturn in orders requiring a reduction in overheads and offered voluntary redundancy to its staff as an alternative to a time-consuming redundancy process, under which the employees may be selected and dismissed with their contractual entitlements and only a statutory redundancy payment. Having taken independent legal advice from their solicitors the employees signed the agreements and the project was concluded swiftly and cost-effectively, without the future risk of any Tribunal claim being commenced.

Consilia Legal are a team of highly experienced, proactive employment solicitors in Leeds, lead by award-winning employment solicitor Marie Walshwho is renowned in her field as listed in Chambers & Partners as a leading employment law professionalThe team have a wealth of experience in successful outcomes for settlement agreements across Leeds, West Yorkshire and the UK. The employment law team at Consilia Legal are just a phone call away, and offer free initial employment law advice on your matter. Read our outstanding reviews from previous employment law clients.

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