Kelly Walters

Kelly has practiced exclusively in family law for over 15 years, successfully handling high net worth Divorce and Financial cases of a complex nature including those with an international element.

Kelly successfully completed her first degree in Business and Legal Studies and went on to study at the University of Glamorgan obtaining her Common Professional Exam and Legal Practice Course in 2003. Upon qualification, Kelly continued to practice law in the South Wales region for 8 years and moved back to her roots in Yorkshire in 2011.  Having worked in Courts throughout the country, Kelly has extensive experience dealing with different Court practices and lawyers throughout the region.

Since this time, Kelly has worked as an Associate Solicitor in South Yorkshire.  In 2018 she became Head of Department at Favell Smith & Lawson Solicitors practicing in both Sheffield and the Hope Valley, Peak District.

In 2019, Kelly joined the Chair of Resolution and Director, Miss Laura Clapton at Consilia Legal as a Senior Associate Solicitor wanting to be part of a dynamic team.  The company has gone from strength to strength including the launch of a new mediation website offering all services across the spectrum.  Kelly wanted to be a part of Consilia Legal sharing their core values of high standards of service and excellent client care.  Kelly shall be expanding her skill base to become a family-trained mediator in September 2020.

Kelly is a member of Resolution (which is an organisation made up of legal professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes), and tries her utmost to deal with matters using a non-inflammatory approach. In situations where this is not possible, Kelly asserts a more robust approach and offers realistic practical guidance together with a tailored service to meet your individual needs. Kelly provides the support necessary to obtain a positive outcome in what can be a very difficult time. She always makes herself personally available to each and every client.

Kelly employs a range of strategies to resolve situations quickly with as little stress as possible whether client-led, assistance via mediation, or by way of constructive negotiation.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

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