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The team at Consilia Legal provide workplace mediation services throughout the whole of the UK, and regionally in Leeds, Harrogate and throughout  South, West and North Yorkshire.

Our director Marie Walsh is a fully trained workplace mediator.  

As an employment law solicitor and mediator, Marie has a wealth of experience assisting parties inside and alongside the work place mediation setting.

We are able to provide a mediator to intervene in work place disputes and assist in avoiding litigation.

Mediation provides an alternative approach to other workplace dispute resolution processes, such as grievance procedures and may be preferable to implementing this procedure or litigation to both the employer and employee.

This could be due to a number of reasons but mainly because it is, less adversarial, flexible, Less formal, voluntary, less costly and confidential

One of the main reasons mediation is attractive is that it is confidential to the parties. The content of a mediation cannot be used in future legal proceedings without agreement from both parties.

This enables the parties to be more forthright at an early stage of dispute and feel able to speak openly in an attempt to fully discuss and resolve issues.

Used in the right context the result of a mediation may sometimes be the termination of the employment relationship but may equally be the maintenance of an ongoing and amicable employment relationship.

Dealing with relationship breakdowns at work can be extremely difficult, time consuming and costly. It can be overwhelming for the people involved and can place the company at risk of claims for unfair treatment. Conflict in the workplace can cause stress, reduce performance and affect the culture of the company.

Workplace mediation offers the parties that are in dispute the opportunity to have the conversations that they really need to have in a safe, impartial, structured and confidential environment. The mediator provides a framework and setting for a facilitated negotiation to enable the parties to reach agreement about how to work together in the future.

At Consilia Mediation we have dedicated, accredited workplace mediators committed to helping resolve workplace disputes across Yorkshire and the UK.

Marie Walsh is the head of the workplace mediation team, she is a highly experienced and accredited employment lawyer and mediator.

“So often disputes in the workplace escalate into either grievance, resignations, dismissals or even employment tribunals. I’m passionate about avoiding lengthy and costly processes for our clients and I know that workplace mediation can resolve issues before they escalate, making the workplace more enjoyable for everyone involved.”

Our accredited workplace mediators can help resolve issues in the workplace between two people, small groups or larger teams.

We adapt the six stage mediation process to suit the needs of the people involved whilst maintaining confidentiality, impartiality and clear structure and process. We have comfortable and centrally located offices in Leeds and Harrogate which we can use as a secure and confidential venue for the meetings.

Our  workplace mediation service is based at 4 Park Place, Leeds LS1 2RU, telephone number 0113 322 9222.

We hope you find the contents of our site informative and helpful to your situation. It’s aim is to provide employers and employees with information about the process of workplace mediation and how our mediators may be able to help you.

Have questions relating to the process around of workplace mediation – read our useful Q&A

If you are interested in learning more about the mediation services that we can offer please contact us on 0113 322 9222 or at

Contact Marie

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