High Net Worth Divorce – how we can help.

high net worth divorce


At Consilia legal both myself and our family law director Laura Clapton pride ourselves on being experts in family law matters and between us both we have a wealth of experience dealing with complex, high net worth matters.

Often with high net worth matters, financial negotiations tend to be complex and protracted. With our expert advice we work with clients to advise and support them to achieve the best possible outcome for them in the most cost-effective manner.

As well as having expert knowledge, we pride ourselves on being approachable and having a strong rapport with our clients. We understand that divorce can be a highly emotive and distressing time. When emotions are running high, this can impact upon what seems fair, however, we will be honest in our advice on what matters are relevant within the parameters of family law.

We have a wealth of experience dealing with high net worth matters ranging from entrepreneurs with assets in excess of a million pounds to GP’s to farmers and bankers. We have experience dealing with inheritance matters as well as dealing with complex businesses, trusts, offshore funds and assets outside of the EU.

As well as acting for individuals to protect their assets, we also act for those wishing to make a claim financially from their spouse. If an individual does not have the money to fund their legal fees but their spouse does then they may be able to make an application to access those funds to assist them in issuing court proceedings.

We also have good connections with other experts to ensure that we provide the very best service to our clients. This may be employing the assistance of surveyors, valuers, actuaries, accountants and financial advisors where necessary.

We also aim to be transparent in our fees and keep our clients regularly up-to-date on legal costs being incurred.


We have many clients across the UK and it is not essential that you are able to visit our offices in Leeds and Harrogate. With the help of Skype/WhatsApp/Facetime/email it is easy for us to take detailed instructions without seeing you in person. Our prices are competitive particularly for those clients based in the South of England, including London.

If you or one of your contacts wish to arrange a free consultation, please contact me on 0113 8874671 or email at s.manning@consilialgeal.co.uk.

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