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If you are in a situation where you are considering divorce and seeking to get advice on pensions and divorce, we can help. Consilia Legal are reputable family law solicitors in Leeds who can advise you on your position with your pension in the event of divorce. We can provide expert legal advice on pensions sharing, your rights with your pension, final salary scheme pensions, and the pension sharing on divorce new procedure. 

Understand your legal position with your pension upon divorce.

It is important from the outset of discussing finances on divorce to obtain the Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) of each party’s pension. It is important to do this early on in the process as some pension schemes can take up to 3 months to produce the CETV figure. Even if you have agreed that you will both retain your own pensions, this figure is still needed when formalising that agreement into a legally binding court order known as a Consent Order. The reason for this is to give the Judge a snapshot of the matrimonial finances before approving the order.

What are the options in dealing with Pensions & Divorce?

Once the CETV has been obtained by the parties and all other financial disclosure has been exchanged, parties can begin to discuss how to distribute the marital assets. The parties can do one of the following with the pensions:

    • 1. Pension Sharing Order – A percentage of one party’s pension is transferred to the other party. This can be complex depending on the type of pensions involved and in some instances, it may be necessary to engage with a financial advisor to provide further assistance or an actuary.
    • 2. Pension Attachment Order – A percentage of one party’s pension is set aside for the other party to claim upon retirement. This is high risk as some parties would lose their right to the pension if they married or the scheme member dies. It is important to obtain independent financial advice in relation to opting for this option.
    • 3. Offsetting – This involves offsetting the amount that one party is entitled to from the other party’s pension with other assets such as equity in a property or savings. With this approach specialist advice is needed to ensure that the correct offsetting amount is established as the value of a pension is different from cash assets.

With any of the above options, it is important to have received specialist legal and financial advice. Whilst the CETV figures give you the value that the pension scheme attributes to the fund, different assumptions may have been used by different schemes and it may not be appropriate to rely on the CETVs alone.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pensions and Divorce

Pensions – what is a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value?

This is the capital value of the pension benefit accrued to date or which is in payment.

Is money in a pension treated the same as money available in a house?

It is hard to compare this pound for pound because the money in a pension may not be accessible until retirement age and if the parties are relatively young, the parties may need funds now to rehouse themselves. It can be inappropriate to compare pound for pound money that is accessible now to money that might not be accessible for, for example, 15 years. In addition, it may not be appropriate to use the CETV value for the purpose of comparing a pension with a cash asset as you may need to consider the benefits associated with the pension which could be more valuable than the cash or vice versa.

I don’t want my spouse’s pension, can I take more equity from the house?

In theory, yes but the other party needs to agree to this and it will form part of the negotiations to settle matters. If you cannot agree ultimately the Court will take a view on this. Specialist advice should be sought and you should consider how this will affect you in the future.

to consider the benefits associated with the pension which could be more valuable than the cash or vice versa.

I have agreed a pension share – can I access the money now?

This is all dependent on where the pension is transferred to. If this is transferred to a personal pension, you can usually access the funds when you reach the age of 55 whether by way of a lump sum or income payments or a combination of the two. It is important to seek independent financial advice before agreeing to a pension share and they will be able to explain how you can access the funds and any tax consequences.

If you would like advice in relation to business assets on divorce, please contact our expert family law team on 0113 322 9222 or or by completing our Contact form.

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Laura Clapton has been brilliant and very professional through the Mediation process. I highly recommend her.

Jen Huggett

Absolutely five star service from Laura Clapton and her team, always kept informed of progress, and Laura was always available on the end of the phone to answer any questions. Highly recommended, thank you Consilia Legal.

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Professional and personal. Vicky was very caring and listened to my issue, advice was clear and easy to understand. Vicky ensured my mind was at ease and I knew my options. Excellent service. Sarah really knows the family sector, she puts you at ease instantly and ensures you are aware of all the options. Would definitely recommend this service. Thank you for your help.

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Vicky guided me through the legal context of an employment and was very efficent, approachable and supportive. I would highly recommend this company and Vicky to others who need legal support and advice. Many thanks.

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Had a great experience working with Victoria. Felt completely comfortable asking all kinds of questions and she always explained them really well.

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I often get clients asking if I can assist with employment and family matters. As this is not my area of specialism I am conscious to help assist by passing them onto a trusted source who will look after the client in the best manner possible and with the same approach and ethos as myself. For employment and family matters I recommend to Consilia Legal as they contact the client promptly and provide practical no nonsense advice at a great value. I have no hesitation in recommending their services and will continue to direct my clients to them for this type of legal advice.

John Bailes

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  • review rating 5  I recently had occasion to require the services of an employment lawyer and was recommended to this firm by a professional colleague. I have dealt with many lawyers around the world in the most complex business transactions and personally. I can honestly say I have never received the level of consideration and service from any other legal firm to match that of Consilia Legal. From the moment they picked up the phone to my initial call to the matter being finalised in record quick time; their service and attention to detail was never less than exemplary. Their legal advice was also spot on. It is extraordinary to see this level of service across every aspect of a business and it is a huge credit to Marie Walsh and her team (especially Emma Cartlidge) that they are all able to make their clients feel so welcome and so cared for. I would heartily recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Stephen Wilson
  • review rating 5  I could not have asked any more from Andy. He was really friendly and helped me through a very difficult time. He did not waist time, both to make sure we resolved the matter quickly but also to keep cost to a minimum. I’m extremely happy with his services.

    thumb Tatiana Sebastiao
  • review rating 5  Received a really good service from Marie and the team including Emma, who offered valuable support throughout. I contacted Consilia following a recommendation from a union representative. Was given great advise through her trusted associate who offered an accurate and professional assessment. Marie secured a really good outcome due to her knowledge, perseverance, conscientiousness and genuine desire to try and get the best outcome on my behalf. A lot of genuine empathy and respect expressed and a brilliant negotiator. Very well informed, experienced and brilliant communicator. True to her word re costs as discussion was upfront and honest. Very reasonable rate compared to other firms. Would recommend to others Thank you very much!

    thumb Elaben Mistry Jackson
  • review rating 5  Thanks Laura and team at Consilia Legal. Great service and such a pragmatic and human approach to the legal system. Fitted really well with my personal values. Truly aimed at being conciliatory rather than adversarial.

    thumb David Beaumont
  • review rating 5  Great service from Andy and the team. Handled my case very professionally and I was given excellent advice. Very informative and always responded promptly. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Adam Orange
  • review rating 5  Laura Clapton has been brilliant and very professional through the Mediation process. I highly recommend her.

    thumb Jen Huggett
  • review rating 5  I was recommended Andy Boyde of Consilia Legal by a good friend in the profession to handle a personal issue. Dealing with Andy has been a pleasure from start to finish. Calls and emails were answered and dealt with in a timely manner and he gave a great deal of attention to run through legal jargon in layman's terms. Thoroughly recommended.

    thumb Michael Dockwray

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